What is Bienestar?

Bien·estar means well-being in Spanish. In 2017, while participating in a social justice conference in Massachusetts, I was introduced to the concept of the importance of having “well-being” as immigrants of the diaspora. The immigrant identity brings with it high social, economic and political stress, which deteriorates mental and emotional health. During further study, I discovered that the pace of life, the high demands for perfection and little personal time, among other environmental conditions, contribute to physical, mental and spiritual deterioration in all of us. Since then, my focus has been on health and spirituality to obtain my best life, the freedom to be and equally important, the knowledge to heal me. From my experience as a social worker and political activist, I know the vast effects of not having well-being. There are several definitions of well-being, and health is in all of them. Educators in Massachusetts have laid out four key components of wellness: health, spirituality, politics and economics. Practicing yoga, eating plant-based food, and massaging the physical body are directly connected to wellness and being healthy. This is our contribution of healing to people who want or need to maintain their physical, mental and spiritual health in order to obtain the other components of well-being.

Bienestar reminds me that I am what I consume. I ingest through my senses and these are driven by my brain and memories. One needs to create new habits to feel different. The combination of yoga, vegetarian food and massages complement each other in providing the first two components to achieve your well-being, spirituality and health. Our personal desire is that the other components reach each person because of their sincere investment in their health and connection within.

How do I obtain Bienestar by practicing yoga?

Yoga is the union of body, mind and spirit. The philosophy is extensive and rooted in the Veda books of India, among the oldest in the world. It involves several branches in which the person learns about the self with the goal of self-realization and being one with everything. The introspective way that the yoga teacher leads you to different poses, as well as breathing and relaxation exercises, are manifested in the reduction of stress, fatigue, anxiety, depression and more. Yoga improves mobility by increasing strength and elasticity in muscles and joints. Meditation allows the mental organism to stay in the present and achieve inner peace, which is reflected on the outside as feelings flow at your style and rhythm. A daily yoga practice increases your physical, mental and spiritual health.

How do I obtain Bienestar by eating plant-based food?

Eating plants is eating live food, which have a high content of vitality and well-being. Studies show that including several vegetarian meals to the weekly diet contributes to maintaining a healthy weight, as well as strengthening each vital system of our bodies. Eating plants offers high vibrational health, and healing properties. Many nutrients that provide energy and antioxidants, and facilitate the elimination process in our bodies. A vegetarian meal includes raw and hot or cold vegetables, such as fruits, grains, oils, spices and more. Each plate is made with the awareness of nourishing and maintaining good physical health, which supports mental health.

How do I obtain Bienestar with massage therapy?

The benefits of massage are immediate. The rhythm of life’s tension has created the need for massage every day. The human touch creates the perfect connection from one person to another to combat stress, relieve muscle aches and cleanse the skin of impurities. Massage involves many branches and specialties to heal very specific areas and health problems. The most basic massage, and typically the most general need, is the relaxation massage. A masseur achieves this relaxation in a client using many techniques applied with special oils while the person rests in a special bed. In the body, there are key points to induce muscles and joints to release accumulated tension. Other massages, such as lymphatic or reduction, include tools designed to create a short- or long-term result. Each massage, regardless of what it is, is always aimed at giving relief and motivating physical and mental health.

What does Casa Bienestar offer?

The Relaxation Experience is the best way to visit Casa Bienestar. The day starts with a nature walk and Hatha Yoga for beginners, which means, most persons can easily follow the instructor and practice. Follow by a fresh and colorful breakfast. Once the vibrant food settles in, you are welcome inside for a 60 minute relaxation massage with aromatherapy. The day concludes with a nourished lunch and guilt-free desert.

Massage & Therapy is of great focus in Casa Bienestar. There are two temperature controlled rooms dedicated to massage and therapy. Massages can easily be booked directly with the house manager, Anyi Espinal. Therapy requires a doctor’s note.

The use of special oils and creams exist to maximize the healing of every visitor. The technician requires a set of answers ahead of your massage to deliver the adequate treatment and provide additional tips.

Yoga and Meditation are practiced on a weekly basis. There are three options to practice: virtual yoga every Wednesday at 7pm, by booking a group yoga practice, or bringing the yoga instructor to your existing event.

Plant-based food is solely offer during the Relaxation Day Experience above.

Where are you located?

We are located in Salto Escondido Bike Park outside of Santo Domingo city in a town called El Pedregal, Kilometro 20 de la Autopista Duarte. Some of the landmarks near the area are: Merca Santo Domingo, Circunvalacion 1, Rio Higuero, La Cuaba, Salto Escondido Parador de Bicicletas.

What is the booking process?

It all depends on your needs.

To obtain the day relaxation experience:

  1. The first step is to complete this form, providing your name, preferred dates, and the offering you desire.
  2. We will contact you to confirm the best day for your visit; please share the best contact information.
  3. You can complete our nutrition survey for us to learn your favorite ingredients (emailed to you).
  4. Deposit 50% of the party’s total 2 Days in advance of your visit.
  5. Receive the location, instructions and tips for your relaxation experience!


For the beginners virtual yoga every Wednesday at 7:00 – 8:20 pm ET please complete this form:  https://forms.gle/Wjx2CLYuzAcMvvh4A

Is there a deposit requirement?

Yes. Upon booking your visit, you will receive a receipt with the information on how to deposit 50% of your total. Deposits are expected two days in advance of your arrival.


Cancellation Policy

We have a two day (48 hours before your planned visit) cancellation policy. We strive to provide the best experience possible for each guest. Leading up to each experience, there is a preparation process that goes into curating these experiences, and it is unique to each person and includes the information that we have been provided.