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Casa Bienestar is...

...A dream come true

A 40 foot shipping container turned into a house that welcomes everyday self-healers, like you and me, into a property surrounded by mountains, rivers, and mindfulness. A team of three: Anyi, Neulyn, and Miguel share their gifts of yoga, meditation, massage therapy, and plant-based nourishment in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

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What is Bienestar?

Anyi Espinal and Neulyn Matos, manifested a retreat space called “Casa Bienestar” in the mountains of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic focusing in relaxation technics, such as yoga, massage therapy, and plant based foods. A dedicated team welcomes people and groups to this retreat oasis that want to connect with nature, calm the mind, relax the body, and develop wellbeing habits. To learn more and book a visit go to casabienestarrd.com.
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The Relaxation
day experience

Yoga, Plant-base Foods, and Massage



Practice Hatha Yoga for sixty (60) minutes



Relaxation massage for 60 minutes, includes aromatherapy, music, and air-conditioned ambience.


Plant-Based Foods

Healthy breakfast and lunch, considering your favorite plants and Ayurveda composition by completing our short survey in anticipation of your visit.

Casa Bienestar

Feels Like..

Culture – 

we know where it comes from


Freedom – 

be you


Natural Luxury – 

Pick the mango off the tree floor


Healing oneself –

connect within