Bienestar Desde Dentro Dia de Relajación: Yoga, Comida Sana, y Masaje Book your visit We Welcome everyday self-healers Be Surrounded by mountains,
rivers, and mindfulness

Our Offerings

Yoga, Plant-Based Foods, and Massage

The Relaxation Day (Click here to Book via Airbnb)

Duration: 5 hours

Experience for groups of 3-5 guests offers a taste of Casa Bienestar.

    • Hatha Yoga & Meditation Practice
    • Relaxation Massages & Therapy
    • Ayurveda tools education

Massage Appointments

Duration: 30-90 minutes

  1. Six massage techniques to select from based on your consultation with our massage technician.
  2. Massage therapies to increase mobility and promote healing, requires a doctor’s note.
  3. Vacuum therapy, body wrapping, skin exfoliation, and chocolatherapy.

Yo Soy Mi Cura Retreat

Yo Soy Mi Cura Retreat Includes:

The Relaxation Experience +

Wellness Coaching +

Dinner +


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Casa Club House

Stay Options

Our Team

Our Team of Certified Experts

Casa Bienestar is a dream come true

A 40 foot shipping container turned into a house that welcomes everyday self-healers, like you and me, into a property surrounded by mountains, rivers, and mindfulness.